The Taurus 4x4 vehicle is designed to carry large camera cranes in their fully built form to desired off road locations enabling crews to set up cranes in positions that a ground based crane could not be positioned or used in, the vehicle can also be repositioned with ease. It has a large payload - Carrying most of the common cranes i.e. 30ft and 50ft Techno cranes are well within the design weight of this vehicle which is always a consideration in regards to Health and Safety. Constant 4x4 with large utility Tractor Tyres, 4x hydraulic levelling / stabilising jacks to stabilise and level the vehicle base and a further all directional Gimble to level the column. The Hydraulic Column also has 600mm of Hydraulic lift - All hydraulics are manual lever controlled - Simple fail proof system. Constant Hydraulic power - means that you can run the hydraulic system whilst driving, we can level as we travel over rough terrain (Not a PTO System as with most Hydraulic systems on vehicles). The Crane base can be demounted quickly if the crane needs to be left rigged and the Taurus can then be used for other applications i.e. camera tracking or carrying camera gear to tricky locations. The Taurus can also be used as an Off Road Tracking vehicle and can reach speeds of 40kmh. It can be fitted with Bickers Standard tracking vehicle filming platforms and smaller crane arms can be mounted for travelling shots. It is very compact and manoeuvrable with excellent Off Road Capabilities. It is fitted all round with scaffolding for easy rigging. Additional rigs or platforms can be made to requirements.