Celtic Grips have two GF-8 Xten and one GF-8 cranes available.

The GF-8 Crane's track record is second to none and has established new dimensions in the concept of lightweight, rideable and remote crane systems. Along with it's predecessor, the GF-6, there are now over 200 units in use worldwide. The list of satisfied clients continues to grow. The GF-8 offers a wide range of options and solutions that more than meet the demands and requirements of modern film and video production. Throughout the world, an ever increasing number of production companies, grips, camera operators, remote head operators and rental companies can testify to the versatility, stability and durability of the GF-8 Crane System.

The extremely popular GF-8 Crane System can, at any time, be extended to a remote head height of 10.5 m / 34' 6" (50 kg / 110 lbs payload) and a platform height of 7.3 m / 24'. This completely modular extension kit is called the GF-8 Xten.

Ensuring the stability of the GF-8 Xten is a double rigging system. The still compact rigging harness is only slightly higher and wider than the GF-8's. The same rigging rods are used, keeping the cost of the extension kit to a minimum as only a few additional rods are needed for the Xten. The standard GF-8 bucket is enlarged by simply adding a small, add on mini bucket. As with all GFM cranes, to ensure the highest standards the GF-8 Xten is safety type tested and certified by the TUV Suddeutschland.

Maximum Lens Height 31' 945 cm
Drop Down 17'6" 533 cm
Maximum Reach 31'6" 944 cm
Maximum Length 38'6" 1173 cm
Minimum Width on Track Mode 1 2'4" 73 cm
Minimum Width on Track Mode 2-5 3'9" 114 cm
Minimum Width on Wheels 4'8" 142 cm
Maximum Doorway Height 7'6" 228 cm
Travelling Weight (w/o Ballast Weight) 648 lbs. 294 kg

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